universal sony vaio vgn-aw420f/h 2nd hdd/ssd hard drive caddy bay adapter

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sony vaio vgn-aw420f/h Drive Bay Caddy Adapter

2.5"/12.7mm Universal HDD/SSD Hard Drive Caddy/Adapter for sony vaio vgn-aw420f/h Replacement

This sony vaio vgn-aw420f/h optical bay hard drive caddy replaces the internal optical drive of your laptop with a high performance Sata hard drive providing additional internal hard drive space.

Price: $ 31.59 with Free Shipping
  • HDD Interface: Sata
  • Machine Interface: Sata
  • Uses 12.7mm/2.5" Sata hard drives
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty, 30 days money back

Laptop Hard Drive Caddy for sony vaio vgn-aw420f/h - Sata 2nd Hard Drive HDD Caddy Adapter

This sony vaio vgn-aw420f/h 2nd Hard Disk Drive Caddy Bay is a universal optical bay hard drive caddy, it gives you maximum storage flexibility enabling you to add a second hard disk drive to your laptop. This sony vaio vgn-aw420f/h hard drive caddy adapter accept 2.5"/12.7mm Sata HDD(works great with a SSD hard). With the second HDD in your laptop, you have the fastest way to back-up key applications and critical data. Simply remove your CD-ROM drive and put the Caddy (with the added hard drive) in it's place.

  • Dual boot, Support installation of 2nd operating system on the 2nd HDD and boot selection.
  • Enhance the storager capacity of Laptop.
  • HDD Interface: Sata
  • Machine Interface: Sata
  • Fit for Sata 2.5" hard drive, SSD
  • Package included: 1 X Universal Sata to Sata sony vaio vgn-aw420f/h 2nd Hard Drive Adapter/caddy, 4 X Screws
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty, 30 days money back
  • Remove your optical drive and put the Caddy with the added hard drive in it's place, reboot your Machine, PLug And Play.
  • Top Quality, 100% Brand new.

Notes: Hard drive NOT included! If you are not sure this will work for your Sony Vaio vgn-aw420f/h notebook, please email the dvd model number, which you could see in the control panel-->system-->hardward-->device manger-->dvd rom, you should be able to see the model number listed. and I will let you know which one to use and buy.


HDD/SSD Interface: Sata
HDD/SSD Sata Interface

Machine Interface: Sata
Machine Interface: Sata

Compatible with



If your laptop uses a standard CD/DVD drive, you can easily add a second hard drive to your laptop with the use of our Optical Bay Hard Drive caddy, also known as OBHD. The OBHD caddy goes in place of your laptop's CD/DVD. This is a really sharp-looking well-engineered product. Please note that this hard drive caddy will fit "standard"/"universal" CD/DVD/Optical Drive bays.

Step 1: Install the hard drive in the sony vaio vgn-aw420f/h optical bay hard drive caddy.

Step 2 - Turn the sony vaio vgn-aw420f/h hard drive caddy over and secure the hard drive to the bottom of the caddy with the four drive screws provided.

Step 3 - Replace the top cover of the vaio vgn-aw420f/h hdd hard drive caddy adapter and secure with the screws provided.

Step 4 - Turn laptop over. Most laptops have a screw that secures the CD/DVD drive into the drive bay. Consult your Owner's Manual for the location of this screw, and remove. After removal of the screw, you will be able to slide the CD/DVD drive out of the drive bay. TIP: if you are having difficulty pulling the CD/DVD drive out, use the edge of a plastic credit cart to help loosen the drive.

Step 5 - Most CD/DVD drives will have a small bracket attached to the back of the drive. Remove the bracket (oftentimes these are secured with two screws). This small metal bracket will be transfered to the caddy.

Step 6 - Attach the small bracket you just removed from the CD/DVD drive to the sony vaio vgn-aw420f/h 2nd HDD/SSD Hard Drive Caddy Enclosure

Step 7 - Insert 2nd hdd hard drive caddy into laptop and secure at the bottom with the screw that came with the laptop.